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A place to unfold—

Have questions? 

A specific topic of focus? 

An idea you want to explore?


Bring it all to the table (via zoom).

What does this 'one-on-one' package include:

1. A consultation email and questionnaire. 

Upon booking an intake questionnaire will be sent to you so that Tess can take the time to thoughtfully get to know you prior to the zoom session. The questionnaire allows Tess to prepare the table in a way that makes space for intimacy and transparency. The more thorough you are with your answers the more Tess will be able to plan the session in a way that is helpful creatively and practically—guiding the hour together in a way that is curated and tailored to your specific creative needs. This is a creative act of hospitality.

2. A 90 minute session at the table with Tess (via zoom or in person).

The hour and a half will involve a pre-planned order and flow, with plenty of space for improvisation (via zoom). Tess' hope is to transparently and generously share her creative and practical findings, ones that have been forged and found on the floors and heights in her 25 years of industry experience working (and playing) as a multi-dimensional artist. Her hope is that you would walk away from the session with personal clarity, points of reference, contacts, momentum and encouragement, carried by a sense of purpose with clear points of direction. Tess aims to put everything bare on the table (no gate-keeping) to share her learnings, mistakes and wins — no question is too big or impolite. This is an honest communion of creativity—a place to unfold, a place to find words, a place to allow your creative works to materialise tangibly in an intimate and safe space.

3. Table minutes

Within 24 hours of your time with Tess, you will receive your intimate 'Table-notes'. These are a generous re-cap of everything shared at the table with beautiful love-notes of encouragement intertwined within the methodics of it all. This is a way to digest the largesse of what will be shared within the one hour together.

4. A one month gifted subscription to Tess' on-line publication 'Catching Shower Flowers' 

This is a little "I love you" from Tess. Catching Shower Flowers is the place Tess' work lives—This gift is an invitation into her art via Substack. This will allow you to acquaint with the app, Tess' work, whilst having access to the internal chat feature where you can be part of group inquiries, writing prompts and the beautiful work that unfolds there. 

5. 50% off any sessions required after your first meeting with Tess.

If you wish to book on-going meetings on a regular basis with Tess eg: a follow-up session or a series of on-going sessions over the duration of time, you will be given a discount code post your first meeting that will allow you to book with a 50% discount code, this will be emailed to you after your initial session. These calls don't require a questionnaire upon booking, they are more for the utilisation of touching base along the time-line of your creative projects if you feel you need some further guidance or sound boarding along the way. 

Below is the generous scope of things that can be transparently explored together at the table—

- Creativity

- Publishing

- Self publishing

- Time-line scheduling for creative projects

- Manuscripts and publisher pitching

- Book endorsements and forwards

- Printing and print processes

- Product and book wholesale planning

- Creative direction, branding and design guidance

- PR and Communications

- Writing / Poetry / Prose sessions

- Goal setting and project time-lining

- Creative concepts, troubleshooting and ideas generation

- Creative guidance for personal projects

- Product / book launch timelines

- Packaging, postage and shipping strategies

- Substack

- Social Media

- Photoshoot concept generation and direction

- Collaborations

- General creative guidance

Note: the questionnaire that Tess sends prior to the one-on-one will allow you to mention all the areas you wish to explore.

 The 90 minutes can be used as:

  • A one-on-one session where Tess can answer specific questions about art, running a business, creative practices, generating income, writing, publishing, self-publishing, printing, design, Substack, releasing a product etc.
  • An advising session about a specific project or topic that you want help with—to brainstorm, plan, process, timeline, edit, or troubleshoot. 
  • or a “I just need a listening ear" the hour can be used as a moment to connect at the table creatively and see where the conversation unfolds and leads. This is for the improvisational at heart. 

Things to consider before you book…

IMPORTANT: Tess is not a mental health professional, life coach or a licensed therapist. A One-on-One meeting with Tess is for the soul purpose of creative guidance / mentorship. This offering is an invitation for creative guidance and conversation at the table—an honest place, where Tess will generously share and offer transparently and open-handedly the things found and foraged in her 25 years of experience in the creative industry. Creatively, there is nothing you are not allowed to ask if it means the answer will help get you where you need to go, creatively. 

Rescheduling Policy:

48hrs prior or same-day rescheduling requests are subject to a $50 reschedule fee, rescheduling will not move forward until this invoice has been paid.

Requests to reschedule prior to the 48hr boundaries incur no fee. With notice, a new date will be explored and booked at no extra cost. 

Cancellation & No Show Policy:

One-on-One meetings are non-refundable. If you wish to fully cancel an appointment after booking, you will not be refunded. No-shows will not be granted future booking attempts.

Punctuality: Tess begins at the sharpness of your booked time and will end right on the scheduled time. Please make sure you have the most recent version of zoom downloaded before you meet and please be punctual. Tess will not have the availability to make up the lost time in your session should you be late. Thank you for understanding and respecting your art and the time you are sowing into yourself and your creativity.

International bookings / time differences:

If you are booking from outside Australia or from a different timezone to Tess' location (Australian Eastern Standard) and you are unable to find a meeting-slot that works with your time exchange please contact the Tess Guinery Team direct and we will assist you in finding a meeting. Tess wants no-one to miss out. Email the team at

Group sessions:

For group bookings of up to 5 people in a session for specific topics please contact for more information and group packages.


PLEASE NOTE: Post meeting Tess will not answer further questions in on-going email liaison, we recommend a follow-up time at the table if you wish to explore new topics or topics that might beautifully eventuate from your time together. Tess will move thoroughly through all the valuable questions you have in your initial meeting with as many answers as possible— which is why it is very important that the questionnaire is completed thoughtfully and strategically prior to meeting with Tess so she is able to diligently prepare before meeting with you. Her heart is that this would be a valuable investment and a timeless experience in your creative journey, a place to meet where vision and momentum is cast over your projects and dreams.  

Product Information

These A4 Art prints are printed in Australia, on premium FSC® certified, uncoated paper stock with a toothy finish. The best of quality, chosen thoughtfully and with care, by Tess.

Shipping & Returns

All A4 prints will ship within 1-3 business days.


All items are shipped from our studio in NSW, Australia.

Australia: 1-3 days Express, 3-10 days Standard.
USA / Canada: 3-10 days Express / 10-21 days Standard.
UK / Europe: 3-14 days Express / 14-21 days Standard.
Other International: 7-14 days Express / 14-21 days Standard.

At this time we are unable to offer change of mind returns. However, if you find that the print you received does not align with its description on our website, please feel free to contact us at:

We firmly believe that our prints are even more stunning in person, as evidenced by the satisfaction of countless customers worldwide. Thank you for your understanding and support.


We take no responsibility for orders that have not been collected within the courier's required time frame or if an incorrect address has been provided. If an order has been returned to sender due to the above reasons, there are two options:

1. We can refund the order cost, minus the original shipping fee and return to sender fee (this varies depending on location).

2. We can re-ship the order. The customer is responsible for paying the return to sender fee and a reshipment fee.

Once an order has been returned to us, we will contact the customer to arrange for reshipment or a refund. We will hold all domestic orders for 30 days and international orders for 60 days. If we have not been able to successfully contact the customer, we will automatically provide a refund (minus the original shipping fee and return to sender fee).


Shipments to certain countries & regions (mainly in Europe) may incur an importers tax fee collected by your local government customs, payable by the customer.

List of known regions with free trade agreement with Australia (where no tax will be collected):


• Asia

Known regions where tax MAY be collected by your customs office:

• Europe

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