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Tess Guinery's Poetry Parlour.

Tess Guinery's Poetry Parlour.

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Welcome to Tess Guinery’s Poetry Parlour

'Poeme De Reves' / Poem of dreams

Where your stories are given poetic voice.

Allow me the honour of being your poetic wordsmith—I’m dedicated to producing custom poetry that captures the heart of your story whilst moving it artfully into timeless verse. 

With a discerning eye for detail, my custom ‘Poetry Parlour’ is a unique service guided by my ever curiosity in discovering and capturing the beauty found in the everyday. Each commissioned piece is meticulously curated, translating the undertones found in the details of your story— from weddings to birthdays, reunions to anniversaries, whether tenderly navigating themes of loss and grief or crafting bespoke verses for diverse gifting needs, my heart is to approach each commission with a gentle hand, creating personalised art that beholds depth, timelessness, and artfulness, forever preserved on paper.

Explore the Poetry Package: What's Included and How It Works

  1. Initial Consultation:  Upon purchase, you will receive a tailored intake questionnaire along with a consultation email. This allows me to immerse myself in the intricacies of your story or occasion. The depth of your responses provides me with the information canvas I need to capture the essence of your story, allowing me to shape it into poetic verse. If the story you hope to capture is of tender nature, you can opt for a Zoom session to verbally share the theme you hope me to capture, poetically. This can be discussed in the initial consul email.
  2. Review and Reflection: Allow a process period of 2 weeks after submitting your questionnaire for my creative process to unfold. Poetry is a journey of discovery, sometimes swift and spontaneous, other times requiring careful contemplation and refinement. This time frame allows me the spaciousness to immerse myself fully, crafting each poem with meticulous attention to detail. Once the words have materialised and taken shape, I will present you with a beautifully designed poetry deck (PDF). This comprehensive document will unveil the intricate layers of your personalised poem, accompanied by a tailored rationale and word findings. Expect a bespoke poem spanning 6-8 stanzas, comprising of 24-32 lines.
  3. Collaboration and Refinement: Upon reviewing your personalised poem, you have the opportunity for one round of revisions to ensure every stanza resonates authentically with your story. I value your input and encourage open dialogue to refine and polish any aspects of the poem that may require adjustment. My ultimate goal is to craft a poem that serves as a heartfelt ode to the sentiments of your narrative, capturing it with grace and honesty.
    Let's collaborate to fine-tune the poem and prepare it as a personalised keepsake or gift. Please note that any additional changes beyond the initial revision will incur an hourly rate. This round of changes does not allow for a complete rewrite, but rather an earnest creative rework for adjustments regarding sentiments. This underscores the importance of the intake questionnaire, as it provides crucial guidance in navigating the material I need to best capture your story.
  4. Print and Presentation: Upon final approval, I bring your poetic heirloom to life on high-quality premium parchment cream paper. Each piece is meticulously packaged with care, adorned with my signature stamp inked in hues of rouge, reflecting the artistry of the piece. Your poem is then securely dispatched in non-bendable packaging to your designated address. In-house framing is available.


IN-HOUSE FRAMING SERVICE: For an added touch of luxury, I offer framing services upon request. Elevate your poetic creation into a timeless piece of art. Contact to arrange framing at an extra cost.

Product Information

These A4 Art prints are printed in Australia, on premium FSC® certified, uncoated paper stock with a toothy finish. The best of quality, chosen thoughtfully and with care, by Tess.

Shipping & Returns

All A4 prints will ship within 1-3 business days.


All items are shipped from our studio in NSW, Australia.

Australia: 1-3 days Express, 3-10 days Standard.
USA / Canada: 3-10 days Express / 10-21 days Standard.
UK / Europe: 3-14 days Express / 14-21 days Standard.
Other International: 7-14 days Express / 14-21 days Standard.

At this time we are unable to offer change of mind returns. However, if you find that the print you received does not align with its description on our website, please feel free to contact us at:

We firmly believe that our prints are even more stunning in person, as evidenced by the satisfaction of countless customers worldwide. Thank you for your understanding and support.


We take no responsibility for orders that have not been collected within the courier's required time frame or if an incorrect address has been provided. If an order has been returned to sender due to the above reasons, there are two options:

1. We can refund the order cost, minus the original shipping fee and return to sender fee (this varies depending on location).

2. We can re-ship the order. The customer is responsible for paying the return to sender fee and a reshipment fee.

Once an order has been returned to us, we will contact the customer to arrange for reshipment or a refund. We will hold all domestic orders for 30 days and international orders for 60 days. If we have not been able to successfully contact the customer, we will automatically provide a refund (minus the original shipping fee and return to sender fee).


Shipments to certain countries & regions (mainly in Europe) may incur an importers tax fee collected by your local government customs, payable by the customer.

List of known regions with free trade agreement with Australia (where no tax will be collected):


• Asia

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• Europe

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