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'I was tired' - 8 x 10 Art Print

'I was tired' - 8 x 10 Art Print

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Discover the sentiments of Tess Guinery's reflective journey in this artful print. Penned just before a year-long break from her artistic processes, Tess's use of language conveys a profound sense of surrender to rest—defying conventional norms in an age of hurry. Through visual language, Tess invites you to join her as she embraces moments of stillness and renewal, from opening windows to lighting candles. With each line, she reveals the sacred act of shedding burdens and welcoming rest, inviting you to pause and reflect on your own paths to rest.


More About This Collection

From introspective reflections to poignant narratives, Tess' prints invite contemplation and conversation. Let these poetic works behold your surroundings. Explore the collection and let the art of language inspire thought.

Size Information

The bespoke prints are "8 x 10" sized (20.32 x 25.4 cm).

Custom sizes are available upon request. Please email and we will respond within 1 business day.

Quality Guarantee

These Bespoke 8 x 10" Poetry Prints are printed in Australia on premium FSC® certified, uncoated paper stock with a toothy finish.

Shipping & Returns

In-stock 9 x 10' prints will normally ship out in 1-2 business days.

All items are shipped from our studio in NSW, Australia.
Australia — Please allow 2-7 days for delivery from the date of shipment.
International orders please allow 14 days for Standard Shipping & 7 days for Express.

At this time we are unable to offer change of mind returns. If you feel that for some reason the print was not what was described on this website please email - although we believe it to be much better in your hands than we can show you online and so do thousands of happy customers around the world!

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Bespoke, Italian-Made Framing

Mix & match a coloured frame with your print to receive ready to gift or hang up in your space. A standard 'Clean White' or Australian Raw Oak is also an option so that you will find a frame to suit your style perfectly.

About Tess Guinery

“Creativity has always felt instinctive and in that I’ve adhered to the concept that creativity is a practice, is innately part of life rather than an extension of it. The pursuit of seeing beauty and being awake to it is the undercurrent and leading of all my work. I seek it through conversation and electric communion in my prayer life, it’s here, my eyes become awake to beauty and from this place, I create. Art is in the everyday” - Tess Guinery