THE MOON FLOWER MONOLOGUES—EARTH SIDE (the back-story, film & gratitudes)



Dedicated to the bloomers.

She was written in the shadows, beneath the blankets of silent nights... 

Covered in milk at midnight, words falling over the edge of the couch and making puddles on the lounge room floor—spilling out again, a recognisable and familiar rumble—loud sounds warring and bumping heads with each other. It was as though each word was fighting for their chance at a sentence, and as the tension built, the words blazed into a zillion midnight flower petals, taking ground on the messy floor of my heart—my hands dared to scoop them up, using them as tissues to away wipe tears and milk stains, all in the shadows (and light) of the moon.

Her words—violet milk.

Her pages—golden tissues, for diamond tears...

The perfume of her pages fly high, 

laying to rest, upon beds of flowers. 

Light—sewn into her every syllable,

holding anthems that carry hearts over bitter seas...

Words, they come usually un-announced and if you can run to the nearest piece of paper at hand and be quick enough to get them down, they will sing something back to you, usually a gift of understanding or a sense of the Creators heart for you, or a piece of truth when everything around you is telling you there is no return, that all is lost and the ocean ate the sun for breakfast. Words, they don’t come cheap or easy—nor without quiet treks through shadowed terrains; they are usually found in the residue of midnight-tears and morning-mulls over remedial caffeine. 

I am learning that life is somewhat a beautiful mountain walk, awe inspiring, full of grace and hope but at times a long steep walk... A walk, where summits are invitations for glorious reflections and brave shouts of testimony—honouring all that has been. It’s important to stop here... drink and make an occasion of it—with words, with stories, the clinking of vessels and songs. I’m learning that here, breathing in the clean loving air, and exhaling long—is important. In these reprieves we must gather our fiery creativity and let light burn in our hands.

Excuse my romantic ink splatters, birds eye view, she lets me see this way, and I like this part of the writing journey, very much. The hindsight, the clarity, the lessons learned and the view ahead, the way forward, the peace, the rest, the new skin, the new wine—don’t we all like that part of the story, most.

Prose have become much like full stops for me, a beautifully kind little dot placed at the end of a thousand thoughts that finally form into a midnight epiphany. Something in me always knows that eventually the words will arrive at hope, I’ll never stop believing that, ever. 

These words, they were found on valley floors, at midnight in the winter feeds, the early summer mornings, during the “come up for air” dusk walks alone, underneath piles of tears and round and round the bends kind of conversations that found themselves going way too late into the night, with friends and family and him, over violet coloured milk (whilst I begged my eyes to stay open, before laying my head to rest). 

So, just as the moon flower,

dares to stand and bloom,

growing bright and free, 

in the shadows of the moon;

These Milky soliloquies had some things to tell me and my heart was eager to listen— and as the suns mercy rose again and again and again, dark night after dark night—their sounds began to change, as did I, too.

This Monologue, a gift to you, her pages—truths after the storms.

She’s a Midnight igniter, night-time revolutionary, moonlit encourager—a catalysts for growth.

I didn’t know that she too would become a book, not at all, until suddenly—she was.

May these gentle pages, 

when planted just like seeds,

carry breath to move you (& others)

through the valleys and the messy seas— 

In the shadows—blooming.




I thought, whilst I’m here, I take the moment to sing some songs from the flowers of my heart.

A glorious band of human hearts (moonflowers) chaperoned this vision, with open hands (and hearts) to see these golden pages materialise. Thank you, you’ve given this book paper wings—I’ll forever celebrate you...

A massive thank you—to YOU (the reader) ! The self publishing journey is whimsical (just like the wind)—and you, the reader! have shown up (again) with your love for poetry and paper and I’m so very thankful for you and your on-going support of these he(art) projects.

A huge thank you to the very generous plethor of family and friends that surorund my world (near and far) cheering me on, hemming me in with prayer, meeting me in the eye of life storms and clinking glasses with me when life calls for it, I feel blessed and humbled to journey with you (you know who you are) and I love you.

Heartfelt and special thank you’s to the following whom ever so kindly and creatively contributed directly to making this heart project materialise, with your time, words, love, guidance, editing skills, phone calls, creativity, laughs, prayers, design skills, poem readings, conversations, campaign execution, support & belief in me—These books would not exist without you and all you have sewn into the pages. THANK YOU—

My Love and Bestfriend Caleb and our three beautiful daughters Peaches Wilde, Hopps Golden and Junee Moon, Mum and Dad, Mumma and Pappa Guinery, Holly and Tony Masters, Skie Peterson, Melissa Thielmann, Ryan Perno, Ebony Perno, Sharee Karlin, Nik Karlin, Bonnie Gray, Lisa Byers, Jenny Webb, Matt Webb, Dan Gorry, Hannah Gorry, Amanda Jones, Kristian Jones, Nedra Springer, Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher, Sarah Weeks, Britte Sunde, Rachel Valentine & Ryan Smith.

I wish I could make moonflower bouquets with the stuff of my heart, because thankful doesn’t express my true gratitude through words alone. I can’t wait to clink glasses with you and celebrate you, soon.

Sincere songs of love to my Creator—what a privilege it is to create

(because you first created me).





A Film By Nik Karlin

Conceptualised By Nik Karlin & Sharee Karlin /

Music By Ryan Smith & Nik Karlin

Nik Karlin, film creator, music maker—generously shared his gifts to create a very special visual heirloom as a keepsake for the years to come (and the days that are now). I didn't want to personally talk about a process that is not mine to elaborate on... so it felt kindly fitting to ask if Nik himself would share a few words about the process and heart behind this special short film. I love that the important things were in place upon the beginning of its creation—like the camera Nik would use, the visual direction (executed by Sharee Karlin) and the need to allow loads of space and breath for improvisation. If you are familar with the technicalities of the double 8 film camera you’ll know the baffling idea and beauty that surrounds allowing the sweet camera to roll and flow shot upon shot (analog style). It’s special to ponder the extreme lack of instant visual feedback whilst within the filming process. It’s a day filming in mystery (or hope that the film will develop) there’s a lot at risk in many ways, and again, thats the purity. It’s nice to appreciate that you really are filming in the dark, with nothing but a small view finder with clunky mechanisms and sounds that are archaic and magic . The very simple and raw beauty of this piece and how in its own way, with the guidance and grace of its creator—Nik Karlin became what it wanted to become with very little tampering, just play.


Art is an exploration, a way to discover deeper truths about ourselves, humanity and all that is around.  

To figure out an angle; an excuse to visit and discover what there is to find.  

To let the format (medium) and process dictate the result, finding honesty there. 

Art has a way of revealing internal truths that have been lost within the mundane or difficult parts of life.  

I chose to bring a double 8 film camera to this project because I hoped the results might attribute something of style or aesthetic to the main film I was hoping to make with my digital camera.   There was no intention of shooting something completely analog, it was always intended to be additional.  

But while navigating the limitations of this format and things like the cheesy zoom setting, it suddenly felt like a complete time-warp. I found myself shooting in a certain style uncommon to when I pick up other cameras. I had visited something from the past and was starting to appreciate and discover a complete different sensitivity than i was used to.  I feel this was paramount to capturing the innocence of both this film and the book it represents.  

It would be far easier to put a vintage filter over my footage, but the thing I may have missed was in the unknown.  I had removed a level of my own control as an artist and had to react in the moment with abandoning my pre formulated ideas.  I even caught my self saying to Tess on the shoot: “Wouldn’t it be fun to shoot a film where no edits are made, everything captured straight to film in the sequence that you shoot it.”  This was a 100% naive comment, and funny enough became entirely self fulfilling.  

When I received the footage back from the lab we were all floored with the result, changed path entirely and decided that the film would be the double 8 footage in as close to pure form as possible.  The only thing I edited was some footage from the start that didn’t develop correctly.  

The film runs in realtime on the left side of screen and reversed and upside down on the right as a byproduct of changing sides on the film roll.  A detail I decided to keep in order to maintain the mystery.  

I then gave my good friend and frequent collaborator Ryan Smith a call and we met in the studio, proceeded to write 6 songs progressing from 60’s folk, 70’s psychedelic and rock together, in order to end up somewhere back in the 60’s. But maybe as if it was recorded in London instead of California, as was my first intuition.  

Thank you Tess for trusting me on this project, to work on a project in collaboration with another artist is a very interesting and deeply entrusted task.  This project has felt pure, mysterious and entirely freeing.  I don’t know what we created here, but I love that notion also.

Nik Karlin / @nikkarlin

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