If you ever hear “I’ll make it work!” tumble effortessly from the mouth of any, you are likely in the company of a magic kind of human.

Known for their unique elan` to turn nothing into something, and something—into anything. Blooming all year round, they are the kind that will take the nuisance and make romance of it; they will help you see a missed deadline as a magic moment to trust in the synchronicity of The Great Decider; and turn up on your birthday with a bag full of confetti, candles and a heap of tangerine cellophane and suddenly—it’s art; cancelled plans are no qualm because these kinds always find the dance (in everything)—even if it’s resting on the threshing room floor, creating pillows from straw.

These kind are found in all shapes and sizes, usually helping other life stories bloom. They take wrong turns and dare to see them as a chance to learn something new.

If you ever hear, the following noble words: “I’ll make it work!” you are likely in the company of this magic kind of human, linger longer—


Excerpt from the honey pages of ‘THE MOON FLOWER MONOLOGUES’

We talked, we ate, we sat, we played and boy did we dance and— Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd created art with her lens (again). Campaign art for the soon to home itself hearthside—The Moon Flower Monologues.

All imagery featured below has been capture by Ilsa Wynne-Hoelscher Kidd *

Creative and styling: Sharee Gray *

Flowers: Beautyflora Byron Bay + Byron Organic Flower Farm *

*Grand Improvisers

Tess Guinery