In my current journey of motherhood and amidst the chaos of our new journey of twins, lack of sleep, breastfeeding and all that comes with a growing family I’ve been making a little time to do some extra special things for myself after my night time “victory shower” or after my morning “rush shower” if the twins are sleeping. With a few extra wrinkles from smiling and dancing around the midnight moon, It feels nice to take some time to tend to the skin I’m in.

So with no further fluff may I wanted to share (again) some products that I’m extra fond of that are making this full time mother-heart feel a little luxe (if only for ten minutes) every night.

 ESSE probiotic skin care

A small little background for all you new readers - ESSE is skin care that is food for your skin. It holds probiotic compounds all created ethically, naturally and organically. I'm not selling it, stocking it or being a cute ambassador cheering leader—I'm just a happy camper customer who stumbled across something that works and wants the world to know!!!!!!

So heres the low-down of what I've been doing with my Esse regime alongside some other products I was already using.


1. ESSE CREAM CLEANSER:  (Every night) + Esse Cocoa exfoliator (every four days)

2. MUKTI DERMA-ROLLER: Every 4/5 days (I do this whilst breastfeeding)

3. ESSE TONER Every couple of days after using the Cocao scrub. I love it because it has Rooibos Extract protecting against environmental damage and exhibits antioxidant properties.

4. ESSE EYE + LIP CREAM: Apply every morning and only a very small amount is needed as it's highly concentrate with all the good stuff and highly effective in results after only a couple of days of using it.

5. ESSE AGELESS SERUM: I’ve been using ESSE exclusively for over a year now and only in the past 6 wks have I added this product to my regime. I’m going to say that this is currently my favourite. It contains Suma Root, Muira Puama Bark, and Madonna Lily extracts which improve the strength of capillary walls and aid in tissue repair. Over time, skin firmness and youthfulness improve, and in this sleepless season I’m finding it help my skin stay supple even in it’s tired state.

6. ESSE PROBIOTIC SERUM: This is and always will be by far my ABSOLUTE favourite Esse product - It smells incredible and I feel that this product has been whats changed my skin the most in the first 4 weeks of using it. Using the dermaroller and this serum just before bed has been pure luxury and I wake up looking fresh faced! 

6. ESSE RICH MOISTURISER: Apply every morning after serum

7. ESSE CREAM MASK: Once a week after facial scrub and shower. Leave on for 15-30 mins then wash off and let skin breathe overnight. This is something I've been doing as a "treat myself" in the evenings.

9. BB CREAM a great finisher and a light alternative to foundation. I then apply some mascara + tinted lip gloss and feel ever so fresh and lovely. I've just been using NATIO BB cream but I'm on the look for something more organic to match the caliber of the my new skin regime.


In the nights I've been doing a very basic version of the above morning routine. I usually just use the Esse cream cleanser whilst taking a shower and then apply the Esse eye + lip cream finishing cream with the probiotic serum. If I feel like a pamper night I've been doing the Esse cream mask after using the dermaroller and then finishing with the serum—I have slept like a baby after every pamper session and woke up super fresh faced! Skin is so hydrated and supple! 

If you know me well, you’ll know i’m an advocate for skin products minus the nasties—that’s what drew me to ESSE a year ago. If you want to check out some of my previous banter about this product scroll down through the blog over my previous posts to see ow I discovered this beautiful brand.

ALSO!!! ESSE were kind enough to offer up a giveaway of a Gel Cleanser 100ml or Cream Cleanser 100ml with any purchase over $150 to all you beautiful rainbow hearts that have been following my mother-hood journey. If you feel like treating yourself check out all the ESSE products here or check out their trial packs before you make the investment.

DISCOUNT CODE FOR CREAM CLEANSER: tessgel or tesscream (depending on which product you wish to use the discount on.

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