5:21am. Sunrise.

My heart was longing. My words, travelling safely, hiding the child-like hope that lay beneath my facade. I wanted you to be real and my faith told me you were—my head, loud with hope.

One hour later. Faith ruled over my head.

You are in fact, real! Two little lines confirming it was you all along—the 4th presence that day, on the lounge room floor, while the three of us laughed as we put our hands to a jigsaw.


I never thought I’d be ready for you,
& here I am—ready for two!


A walk through rocky provinces, has prepared the earth within me. And now, I’m counting down the days while I secretly smile—you are our beautiful hiding hope, for now.

A gift,

A double blessing,

We welcome you, even before you are here.

We love you already, our sweet, sunrise news—


Unknown desires buried in the heart.

JournalTess Guinery