ESSE AKA SUNSHINE FACE CHALLENGE! (4 weeks into the glow)

Aloha family!

In my current journey of a twin pregnancy my beautiful lady tribe are kind enough to regularly compliment me on my pregnancy "glow" —but I'm not sure I can give pregnancy ALL the credit, in fact Ive been doing a few little extra special things for myself in this season and it feels extra lovely. 

Firstly, I’ve been on sabbatical from my full time design business for 9 months now along with intentionally slowing the heck down during pregnancy—so my skin is thanking me for the lack of stress it's currently enduring. Our bank account is surely and abruptly the lowest it's ever been due to our family decisions to strip back— but better than money is the fact that my entire being is the most stress free it's been in years and it's given me time to look after myself in ways I've never really given abundant time to e.g.: Motherhood, Creativity, Family, Friends, Romance & A skin routine! Yes, this 34 year old sun chaser is finally looking after her skin haha

Before I share my skin excitement review I first I need to deem that this is not a paid marketing scheme! It's just me—a girl with a new skin passion and a product I stumbled across when we landed our feet on South African soil—A product too good not to share, because I love women! and I love the new skin I'm sporting! (Read my previous blog post to see where I discovered these products)

So with no further fluff may I introduce to you my new found passion ESSE probiotic skin care

So... I've started my skin challenge and here are my results 4 weeks in!!!! I wanted to see (as an existing customer) if all the Esse skin products combined into a regime suited and personalised for my skin type could heal some of my sun damage and rehydrate my skin—and just as I thought, only 4 wks into using the entire range I'm seeing radiant results!

A small little background for all you new readers - ESSE is skin care that is food for your skin. It holds probiotic compounds all created ethically, naturally and organically. I'm not selling it, stocking it or being a cute ambassador cheering leader—I'm just a happy camper customer who stumbled across something that works and wants the world to know!!!!!!

So heres the low-down of what I've been doing with my Esse regime alongside some other products I was already using.


1. ESSE CREAM CLEANSER:  (Every morning) + Esse Cocoa exfoliator (every four days)

2. MUKTI DERMA-ROLLER: Every 4/5 days. 

3. DAM DAM Japanese paradisi mist: I had a whole bottle of this and didn't want to waste. But Esse also does and incredible toner.

4. ESSE EYE + LIP CREAM: Apply every morning and only a very small amount is needed as it's highly concentrate with all the good stuff and highly effective in results after only a couple of days of using it.

5. ESSE PROBIOTIC SERUM: This is by far my ABSOLUTE favourite Esse product - It smells incredible and I feel that this product has been whats changed my skin the most over the fist 4 weeks. Using the dermaroller and this serum just before bed has been pure luxury and I wake up looking fresh faced! 

6. ESSE RICH MOISTURISER: Apply every morning after serum

7. ESSE CREAM MASK: Once a week after facial scrub and shower. Leave on for 15-30 mins then wash off and let skin breathe overnight. This is something I've been doing as a "treat myself" in the evenings.

9. BB CREAM a great finisher and a light alternative to foundation. I then apply some mascara + tinted lip gloss and feel ever so fresh and lovely. I've just been using NATIO BB cream but I'm on the look for something more organic to match the caliber of the my new skin regime.


In the nights I've been doing a very basic version of the above morning routine. I usually just use the Esse cream cleanser whilst taking a shower and then apply the Esse eye + lip cream finishing cream with the probiotic serum. If I feel like a pamper night I've been doing the Esse cream mask after using the dermaroller and then finishing with the serum—I have slept like a baby after every pamper session and woke up super fresh faced! Skin is so hydrated and supple! 

BEFORE AND AFTER Esse skin care


Excuse my embarrassing selfie close-ups eeeeek I felt silly doing this haha! But you can definitely see the changes after only 4 weeks! The crazy thing is that I'm wearing make-up in the "before" photo and none in the "after" photo and you can really see how much my skin has changed already! It looks a lot more alive, less dryness, and lines have definitely chilled down whilst my skin plumps up and glows!! 

4 weeks after beginning my new skin regime (and I'll continue on forever) I noticed significant changes, I even noticed them after the first week. My skin currently feels super hydrated + supple after years of trying to keep moisturised from all the sun I've danced in—I'm excited because all these products have become my new antidote for the dryness of my skin type and the damage it's endured in my younger years. I'm 34 years old and have no desire to get rid of my life lines in an unnatural way but these creams have definitely toned down some signs of ageing and damage and I feel like a glowing rainbow sun face! It's a nice feeling and I'm excited to see the results after 10 weeks!!!!!

Because ESSE is the most generous company in the WORLD! They are offering 20% OFF STOREWIDE!!!!! Until 28th Feb If you use my promotion code: TESS20

I'll be sharing one last update at the end of the 10 wks! Can't wait to share the final results! Thanks for reading and I hope you make use of the discount! They have little trial packs on offer if you want to start small. 

All my LOVE

Tess xo


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