Journal: 03.08.17 --- Currently, socks in sandals, favourite dress, boot full of colourful blankets, lover on the wheel, tunes coming from our babe in the back. Sometimes the road calls --- it's here that I think dreams are made. Words are free to banter, fly about and return like glimmering dragon flies one by one as if they are well rounded conclusions yet open ended carrying mystery, curiosity & beauty. I love being a daughter of the Heavens, to some it's seemingly restricted but to me, no, to me it's that kind of liberation we all dream of, beyond burn your bra, speak your mind, do what you want kinda liberation - it's life breathed & grounding, free falling with wings, whispering sweet melodies that have my heart doing somersaults of expectation! It says "your life has soul" - and indeed I'm learning that purpose is something we all scout for and some sadly never find it. I found it! and I'm never letting it go. Here's to the road today and our pocket full of dreaming.

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