When was the last time you sat down with your tribe and talked about your purpose? Our spontaneous life, It seems this way indeed chose us and we are indeed owning it - when adventures residue settles like dust on a mantle called now it's important to commune and banter about the beat of your heart or it can somewhat feel like life is happening to you, like a leaf on a tree blowing around in the wind. It's said that where there is unity God commands a blessing - union of purpose is a beautiful life poem, hearts in sync, effective, wholehearted - meaningful. Last night under the fairy lights and between the shadows of our coral walls, we did some pen to paper, letting words dance as we together purposed and intentionally took hold of the beat of our hearts. At the end of the day, if the central purpose isn't about loving others, our plans will prove tasteless when the glitter loses it's gleam --- but the coolest thing is that we all have different paths, gifts, lifestyles, locations, passions, life stages, ideas, creativity to outwork this beautiful thing called LOVE! I love how creative God spurs us to be in this simple act that proves to be life's greatest purpose. That un-quenchable thirst that shadows the hustling & striving can not be relieved by the tireless motions of self, only the opposite - The currency of heaven is upside down & I love all of its cheeky irony. 

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