Where art thou gone? 

Thank you sweet loves for all the glowing emails /messages, drop ins & snail mails asking where I’ve lingered to in my design hiatus. 

In a beautiful world that has come to hooray the hustle I find my sweet loving soul rebelliously dancing to the contrary --- an upside down, inside out, reversed, lapsed beat. It's mysteriously boundless, surprisingly wholeheartedly, perfectly un-calculated and wrapped in a tangible fabric that is made out of shooting stars and moonlit expanse. For this season, busy has no place.

Under the sentiment of my eloquent words and my romantic caper, this current season marks my 7th year of design. Through a divine series of moments found on African soil I’ve been left beautifully changed as the inner whispers of my heart conclusively lead me to the decision to take a sabbatical year from design. The concept, surely charming to most but you can imagine the fear and uncertainty that comes with taking a year off?  Against all odds and beyond the natural human fears --- it feels strangely right, excitingly rebellious, cheekily uncomfy and revolutionary to my growth - creatively, spiritually, personally and beyond. 

Oh what can happen with space in between, maybe I'll become a poet and travel the seven seas.

As a young girl I prayed that my life would always overflow with colour --- and it certainly has. It's been no magic formula, nothing to do with luck and nothing to do with being a good person but more so as I look back with a birds eye view I see a series of personal and intentional decisions of surrender where beauty has later encompassed my life. One day, when the words find me, I'll write a book about it.

Imagine this, what if the way you have been dancing through life can no longer carry you to the mountain peaks and springs of creativity/life/abundance/adventure/joy that you know are next in your crazy wild adventure called life?  If my current ways can no longer carry me there, I don’t want to row in that boat any longer ---  I want the change, & the thirst, & the mess, & the surge, & the growth, & the freedom, & the creativity, I want the alchemy of it all to charge at me like a dance without shoes. We were never born for comfy

Sometimes we get given the brave choice to surrender the things that have been truly GREAT in our lives all in exchange for the GREATER. GREATER is where the soul, the life, the wholehearted-boom-boom-heart out of chest, tears on cheeks, I’m alive & I’m free kinda passion lives --- it lives just around the corner from surrenders bend. I'm choosing to enter an agenda less season where hustle doesn’t live but flowers do grow.

Human nature tells us to cling to all that is good, but I know a love that spurs me to let go of "the good" and fall into greater places of freedom beyond and above "the good" ---  a place that will BLOW OUR CREATIVE MINDS! It's an upsidedown principal, that I know daringly works. 

If you know me well, you'll know that creativity is something I could never rest from entirely, creativity is indeed a big part of who I am. That being said, it's not a creative sabbatical I'm entering, it's a busy-ness sabbatical and in order to do it well the studio doors will be closed for an open ended time. I have some personal creates growing wings that I'm eager to put some sweet loving into, the romance truly excites me --- and maybe my current maternal demeanour will brew a new little wild one too.   

I’m still painting, writing, dancing, serving, singing, cooking, documenting, creating, blogging, communing, praying, musing, listening, talking, laughing, loving, living & learning --- I’m doing all the stuff I was already doing but without the demands of running a thriving and busy business. In these pasts months of slowing the beat in many other areas of my life my love for writing and art has only grown wings, my heart yearns to explore these greater expanses of expression and this is where you’ll find me.

When will I return to the design sphere? I know not when, maybe soon, maybe never? I'm open. I adhere to the mystery surrounding the risks as I hold on to dear life and let the Creator of my story truly lead. I'm a girl with a heart on fire.  

I've been abundantly perched so gracefully amidst a beautiful flow of work these past 7 years, creating for a greater tribe, dreaming up aesthetics to give ones creative ideas a platform to shine, spurring them on and all has been truly great and well, a true privilege that so many would entrust me to create a signature for their creative dreams --- so thank you - you know who you are, I'll see you on the other side or maybe we will catch up for tea and we can banter about how beautiful life is.

Until then, feel free to follow my ramblings via the blog --- Creative expression doesn't end here, it starts here.