My soul has been in a wrestle, a beautiful wind swept wrestle, it smells like dusk & looks like a sandstorm revolution.

I don't want to stick tacky glitter stickers all over this season that I'm barely able articulate - this season deserves more then my silly sentiments. To be honest, I'm not sure my vocabulary can carry this story --- so for now here's a mere excerpt that exists somewhere within the story that one day I'll have the wisdom to write and build words around. 

It's not social media I'm having a break from, social media is a mere speck in this wonder"full" life changing story, this season can't be characterised as a sabaticle from social streams, it's way more wondrous then that!  --- it's a wholehearted-revolution from the way that I've been doing life --- I'm breaking from that, and during this break I'm being beautifully changed.

Excuse me for a moment while Ive been redesigning my life, I surrendered to the winds of change, took my hair out of its confined top knot with it's harsh-hustle demeanour and decided to tie the ends of my hair to the corner of the stars.

This current landmark in my golden life-story is similar to a 2am sentiment of lying on the cold road gazing up at the star lit sky and without a cloud in sight something in that very moment aligns with everything in you, everything you are --- You don't want to be anywhere else but right here, right now, nowhere else is calling you, nothing urgently demanding you, it almost feels magic and you know things will never be the same if you allow it to be. 

My entire being abides, surrenders & in that colourful cocktail of feels I lay it all down and listen to the cry of my soul, my spirit, my heart --- my God given purpose. This is my beautiful now. It's quiet, unrelenting, wholehearted, creative & feels much like this very moment was planned just for me a million light years ago.

God brought me to Africa to change my life.

What if the way you have been "doing" life can no longer carry you to the mountain peaks and springs of creativity/life/abundance/adventure/joy that is next in your crazy wild dance called life? ---If my current ways can no longer carry me, I don't want to row in that boat any longer --- I stand face to face with the dark yet kind gestured storm-clouds that are smiling at me with secrets of splendour and almost like a song I sing right at them with fierce ocean eyes asking them to sway towards me, after all God loves us far to much to let us stay the same . I want it all --- I want the change, & the thirst, & the mess, & the surge, & the growth, & the freedom, & the creativity, I want the alchemy of it all to charge at me like a train with no brakes.

God brought me to Africa to change my life. In this loop hole called now where the beat is slow & summer never wants to end I refuse to leave a pebble unturned, I have the conversations, I delve, I dig, I open my heart and I breathe in the winds of change as though my lungs depend on them. This is all I have for now (in terms of words), but it's beautiful, it's real, it's wholehearted & it's all a part of my beautiful hand woven story. I don't know what's next but I know it's paved with wonder.