What an absolute privilege it is to work with brands that not only align with my internal ethos but also immerse themselves wholeheartedly into their processes!

Working with this family run empire has been such a treat --- the coolest thing about this beautiful brand story is that I was eating the beloved Naked Paleo bars long before they approached me to do their re-brand/re-fresh! So imagine my delight when their email popped up in my inbox, there was no convincing, I was already a big supporter of these geniuses yumness! Not only are these guys gold star clients but what makes them so wonderful is their knowledge of aesthetics and design, I LOVE working with fellow creatives who get in amongst the print elements and dream up ideas that make the processes truly wonderful! It's also beautiful to watch clients take branding and run with it! (All the images provided in this blog post were created by naked paleo) they have become quite the artists in creating their own creative content.

Naked Paleo --- Lovers of food, muses to the paleo at heart, stretching there yumness to the bellies of the entire world, paleo or not. Naked Paleo is a beautiful family run business, (Blake and Jen) who have a serious love and passion to see people enjoying food that not only tastes good but has a zillion health benefits.

It seems that long before the title of Naked Paleo evolved Jen and Blake had been making treats and meals for friends and family regularly and passionately.

After discovering the Paleo lifestyle it seemed this way of eating was the final piece to a beautiful alchemy going hand in hand with their current health beliefs, training and general well being goals but found it wasn’t always easy to find foods that fit their lifestyle choices. It seemed too difficult to simply reach into the cupboard and eat something full of healthy, whole, nutritious ingredients without all the added sugars and nasties. So they started making their own snacks and then started making them for friends --- And it's here the revolution began! They found themselves being quite inventive and creative, stopping all the recipe following and innovatively creating their own little goodies using friends as (very happy) guinea pigs. It seemed that Naked Paleo was an obvious move forward as a business venture, and bravely they dove into it full of passion.

Today Naked Paleo is a beautiful health empire birthed from a place of need mixed with a lot of passion! You gotta know it's good when passion is the driving force! I'm very excited to see them take over the world one paleo bar at a time! Such an honour to be a small part of this BIG Dream!

Check out some of the beautiful products below or head to their website here and grab yourself a treat!