It's 5:05am--- little miss has jumped out of bed telling me there's a monkey on the back of the door. She's right, those towels really do silhouette a monkey. The day starts and next thing I know I'm trying earnestly to get dolly's barbie size arm through her little mesh dress. My motor skills were never really that great especially before the sun greets.


A skip and a hop and we reach the coffee shop. Thank goodness for the coffee shop that opens so early.

Cuddles occur on the red velvet chair with coffee in hand, and I'm savouring the in-between. These inbetweens that tie together for a story rich and rare. I'm trying so hard to defuse what "they say" --- "enjoy this season, they grow up so quick" --- "they" are right, it goes ever so quick and for the life of me I can't make it stop. I know I'll soon look back on these days and wish they were now. So I'm soaking it up and breathing these days in like air itself to my lungs.