Centuries ago, anyone with a desire to explore exotic flavours and experiences would have needed to wait for the seasonal return of the traders travelling the Spice Route. These days, it's all at our fingertips, a five minute walk to our local, a quick pitt stop at the grocer or a 5 step walk to the pantry.... Our taste buds are spoilt.

Last weekend we decided to journey afar to the spice trail and taste test EVERYTHING! A truly magic and therapeutic experience --- All the good things in life --- beer, chocolate, wine, ice-cream and pizza collectively joined together with cute little stone paths venturing into old buildings in a small little township known as the Spice Trail.

The Spice Route experience is a completely unique concept for the wine and hospitality industry. A carefully curated selection of artisans showcase their produce and share their knowledge with both the public and each other. The collaborative environment allows for endless discoveries and a truly delectable journey.

It's only A 40 minute drive from Cape Town and the drive alone is therapy to us whom are currently embracing the city life. A South African experience indeed!

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