“Conscious choices of love over time, become romantic culture”.

Some may wonder why romance is not present? It's not present because you choose not. Romance is indeed a choice.

Through the eyes of my 7 year old self I remember setting my eyes on the horizon of my future, picturing love, sketching "dear diary" about it, and wishing upon a star. I knew I was made for a life long romance. 

Most of us are well aware that the small and almost insignificant decisions in life all add up to the big and beautiful outcomes. All that glitters comes from a deep well of intentional choices, conscious choices that do not waiver and are put together in love and mindfulness. Being awake to the little love actions allows love to have depth and celebrate a culture of romance. Choose to; leave that cute love note, send those flowers, share that sweet thought, kiss amongst the busyness of life... make time for the sweet little nothings amongst the mundane must-do's that life commands of us --- Choose romance, it's easier not to, but better then boring.

I'm choosing romance for life. 

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