It was as though color was personified back into my life in the form of a 1960’s rainbow shack by the sea. I laugh out loud as I sit barefooted wrapped in a towel on the lounge room floor. I can hear the ocean, I can smell the salty breeze, I look around and see an array of color: blue, yellow, coral and green are the walls, they’re not subtle, but loud, it’s as if each wall is confirming the beautiful story that got me to my now. My internal dialogue rolls over and over with sentimental thank-yous. Mid-laugh I blurt out the words “all that to get me here?” I quickly remember that I’m sitting on the floor alone and talking to the heavens; my stubborn nature certainly needed a dangling carrot to get me to this colorful destination. Birds-eye-view glasses would have saved me a bucket of tears; but alas, I’m here and I’m having one of those “ahhhh, I get it” moments. I feel a strong sense of peace in this epiphany moment, I let it settle as I begin to see purpose embedded in to every wall of this little rainbow love shack. Right now we are living the good old days. --- Excerpt from a recent piece for Darling Magazine

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