Words and film by the one and only: THE HONEST JONES

SO here it is. The CALIFORNIA DISCO one minute film! It definitely took it's time to arrive, but it has delicately positioned itself perfectly arriving on the day that I leave for California once again. 

Its as hard to write about the California Disco trip as it was to put this film together. Ten days of colour, adventure, natural wonders, love, tears, hotels, locals, shopping, serendipity, coffee, driving, laughing, dancing, filming, flaying, diners, vintage, tee shirts, palm trees, iCloud photo streams and fransquitos (in joke, can't explain).

We each went with different things we needed from this trip and at different cross roads of life. We brought a lot more home with us than just a Joshua Tree or two.

So I can understand if you're asking yourself, "but what exactly IS the California Disco?" And it's totally understandable that it might not make a lot of sense...because if we are being completely honest we probably couldn't explain it even to ourselves. The disco happened to us the way the right funky beat and an open dance floor can take over your mind and all that's left is to boogie like there's no tomorrow.

So I dedicate this film to the girls it's for, my Fransquisters. Alex, Sharee and Tess.



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