“You write like Yoda?” she commented at the bottom of my instagram photo. Admittedly, Ive never tried to watch a star wars movie or ever felt the lead.... but this comment had me navigating through forums and cray obsessed space cadet blogs.... finally leading me to this light bulb sentence - “Yoda, making dislexia cool since 1980”. 

All of a sudden high school made sense. Here I am as a 30 year old learning an obvious fact that really had never occurred to me - dislexia... maybe only mild but still a light bulb moment. I went on to learn through the insight of wikipedia that I am standing in great company amongst the likes of people like Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Winston Churchill, Benjamin Franklin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, John Lennon and My creative genius of a little sister - Bonnie

So I thought... why not start a blog and write?  After all, my life has been an on-going rhythm of grace in a song called life that somehow rhymes even when the song itself has a case of dislexia ... An end at the beginning and a beginning at the end....  A grace that led me to marry a real life stunt man even though fear has been my biggest and most consistent battle in life... A Grace that has turned my accidental or intentional mistakes into the most beautiful of adventures, A grace that has taken my upside down words and poured life over them using them, grammatical errors and all... A grace that takes my sentence ends and writes new beginnings.

I was 5 years old writing my name in reversal as “ASSET” rather then the correct which should have read “TESSA” - My weaknesses, my shortcomings & my backward ways covered in a reversing grace making my life as it should be, using it a an “ASSET” for a story he hand wrote just for me.

And here I am ....writing with heart, soul and some words that sometimes bump to the end when they should really be at the beginning. I hope you can excuse my topsy turvy excuse for a sentence, paragraph or a chapter and see the heart behind the adventure as the story continues to begin ... 

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