Yoga gives peace for an hour, a health retreat gives peace for a weekend, a few glasses of wine and a night out brings peace until the morning headache subsides, buying this and that brings a high and a sense of peace until you need the next and latest, filling the void with relationships and efforts of love brings peace until it does not --- but I know a peace that needs no maintenance, requires no effort, you can wake up and feel it, bathe in it, bask in it --- it's free, it's everlasting, it requires nothing from you yet washes over you beyond your understanding and makes you whole. It's a peace that feels like the whole world has stopped yelling it's fast and roaring words to deliver, be this, be that, be successful, reach for the stars, burn the candle at both ends - a peace that says you are enough!  --- the beauty and peace of the Lord is always and forever, all it needs is for you to surrender and rest in in all it's goodness. Peace exists, open your arms and dance to it's sound. You can live in a place that does not require your daily maintenance, chasing peace only brings lack of peace and a need to continue to do works to keep in prominent in your world, Surrender sweet friend, real peace can be found x

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