The Disco; 4 visionaries, 4 skill sets, traveling the world creating for fellow visionaries. One film, shoot and design at a time. The disco is a party of creativity --- taking brands, empires and ideas to a new level creatively whilst having a blooming good time doing it, no matter the location, the length or time, the disco is always ready to get it's glitter out and stretch ideas as far as they can on all mediums.

To date we have created as a "The Disco" in LA, PALM SPRINGS, VENICE, HOLLYWOOD, SYDNEY, BYRON BAY + GOLD COAST. We have plans to spread our wings even further in 2017 --- Can I hear a hola SOUTH AFRICA?

I will be writing and sharing a lot about #thedisco here on the blog/vlog as I try my best to articulate all that we are! We have archives and archives of collaborations and imagery to share, it's almost overwhelming decipher where to begin - so I thought I'd start at the very beginning. 

An introduction seems fitting, may I introduce to you the disco dancers aka walking visionaries!

Sharee - I call her "golden hands" - because she indeed has - "golden hands" --- everything she touches turns to gold! She's a Fashion designer that dabbles with excellence in creative direction, styling and content creation! She also carries the humour in the final hours of delirium. She definitely adds the good vibes to every project, trip and experience! She is also well travelled and the queen of navigation and makes every trip seamless - street smart is second nature to her and we are all thankful!

Amanda (aka The Honest Jones aka One minute film) -  Jones is the legend of all things film, although she is good at pretty much everything she has decided to hone her skills into all things film and is creating content that has so many feels that the people are going crazy for it! She documents the nooks and crannies that others overlook and when she does her grand "TADA!" reveal of each film we usually cry with joy, happiness and awe because she's so discreetly mysterious and catches the things no one else would. Film Genius!

Alex carlyle - Our photographer.  In my opinion and with the backing of the masses of demand Alex does no wrong, she is in-capable to taking a bad photo. For example let's just ponder this, imagine we were all having an off day, and we were blindfolded and styling a set of collateral, even if we style blindfolded and "off point" somehow her skills would still be able to make our mess wonderful! I don't know how she does it but I won't question it and rather celebrate this glorious skill! She is all things peace, intricate, kind and hard working, not a complainer only a celebrator!

Tess - And then there's little ol' me --- If you have been following my banters you'll know that I create a logo or two, execute brand direction and love to make creative content! I just love being amongst the action and creating anything and everything, especially with these disco queens I get to call fellow freelance sisters!


So here it is, our first disco HELLO! Can not wait to catch you up to speed with all our past travels here on the blog along with our up and coming adventures! To inquire about our disco packages contact me here via the contact page! WOULD LOVE TO CHAT!





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