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I legit have the best printer in the world! Meet Morgan printing --- this family run enterprise is changing the world one print run at a time! --- These guys literally run up hill and do everything they can to make your experience paramount in their print priorities!  This wondrous creative duo (Tony + Holly) are very hands on and involved in the entire design process from start to end. Ever feel overwhelmed with idea of going to print for a big project? I certainly do! These guys are not only A+ printers but they also have an in-house designer - if you're a designer yourself you'll understand how helpful this is in the production process! They know their paper, pantones, foils, packaging and more.


I recently got my #lagoontothemoonbusiness cards pressed with Morgans print house and I'm literally over the moon with the quality and finish! I got the chance to interview these legends of the print realm and here's what they had to say:

How did this dream begin?

It began some 23 years ago when Tony first started working for Morgan Printing but it become a reality when we purchased the business 3 years ago. Tony knows printing back to front and i could see the massive potential we had having both a traditional and digital offering so, we dove in and haven't looked back.


In this partnership who is the dreamer and who is the logistics "come down to earth" guru?

We are both big dreamers, we believe that dreaming is a form of planning but i am definitely the logistical one of the two. I am a major dose of reality to the business, I support every one of Tony's dreams but i will also give him a flowchart of everything he has to do to make it happen :) 


Favourite print piece today! (provide imagery if you have it)

At the moment we are crushing hard on our new business cards. Gold foil logo front side and white foil text with blind de boss on the back of 600gsm GMUND New Grey. We have just wrapped up a packaging project with a leather grain finish under a embossed label which are pretty special!



Tell us your ethos behind the client / print production relationship? What's your mantra?

Relationships are so important to us, the business is built upon the foundation of strong customer service. Our ethos for our clients is the same as our approach to our personal relationships away from work, 'what can we do for people’ and 'how do we make people feel’. Adding that natural desire to exceed and serve our clients expectations to strong communication and honesty has seen us form trusting and respectful relationships with our clients that more often than not turn into fantastic friendships.



Whats the vibe in house?

Warm, relaxed but full of energy. The whole team have belly laughs everyday, sometimes at each other and sometimes with each other. There is always music, meaningful conversation and lots of movement. 


Tea or coffee?

Tony is all about coffee and I like neither!


Shoes or no shoes?

If we didn't have tonnes of heavy machinery it would no shoes for sure, but we like our tootsies way to much to have them squashed.


Why is it important to have an in-house designer in your enterprise? Tell us the benefits.

There are amazing talented designers that haven't had the opportunity to obtain print knowledge and left without the advice of someone who is skilled in both areas they can experience a very harsh learning curve, especially when the design does not translate as they and their client had envisaged. There are countless benefits to having a designer who is also a printer - that is willing and excited to guide and share information to make sure the job is perfect, peace of mind that your hours of work aren't going to look like a toddlers drawing when they are produced, cost factor - getting it right the first time not only saves sanity but dollars to boot, stock suggestions - we can see from the file what family of stock will do the work the most justice. We know what little things to look for in the design, there is a lot of things that an automated pre press just won't pick up, a printer with a design trained eye can find a needle in a hay stack. We also find colour advice is something we share a lot of and designers really benefit from that.



Whats the BIG dream for the future?

I honestly feel like we are living our dream, we have a healthy successful business, we produce beautiful products and work with fantastic brands and creative people. Our dream is to keep doing what we are doing, keep growing thriving, creating and connecting with people that mirror our passion in there chosen field. Ask me in another year and I bet we will have conjured up something that we couldn't have imagined ourselves being able to do right now. 



Favourite Pantone swatch?

Tony 485 Red, Holly Black 6.  



Favourite font?

At the moment Scrawny Norah but a consistent fave is the Univers family. 



Tell us what a normal day in the print house looks like. 

It starts early and loud when our factory kicks off letterpress and offset printing at 7am. There is a lot of drying time in traditional printing so we will run checks on the work that has been resting overnight before we start the digital presses and set the production queue for the day. We produce all our on plates on the CTP so one of us will spend a good hour each day in the dark room. The rest of the time is spilt between designing, pre press, quoting, consulting, finishing, packing, accounts, business planing and emails. We average 5 new client/project meetings a week, if the stars align they will be spread out but its not uncommon for them to be packed into two days.Throw in a little social media and a whole lot of chatting with clients while drinking coffees and that is roughly what a standard day looks like. 



If you could tell you clients one crucial piece of print-formation --- what would you tell them? 

All aspects of the production needs to be quality, quality design, quality printer, quality stock = quality product.






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