Where paint and palms collide

This is a concept I have been itching to do for so long! A concept that was inspired by one my all time favourite scriptures - “Your eyes are the lamp of your body. When your eyes are unclouded, your whole body is full of LIGHT”  Luke 11:34


Always fascinated by peoples eyes and how eyes sometimes carry a permanent eye sparkle with a hidden story. It has me wondering where the glimmer came from, what is the story that lead those eyes to sparkle as such, what has that person seen? sacrificed, lived for, been through? Out of this scripture and thoughts, this concept came alive. 


Picture this




Each artist had 20 mins to meet their subject (hand model) and learn all they could about each individual’s journey. From this conversation alone, art was painted by the artists onto the hands of the subjects as an interpretation of the joy in their lives. There were no rules all except a guided preference to lean more towards joyful moments rather than the meloncholic (something creatives know all too well sometimes). I wanted the end result to ultimately display a sense of joy, inspiration and life! Whether minimal, abstract, detailed - it was entirely the artist's initiative. 


It was really special to have the privilege to be an on-looker and watch these talented artists interpret the brief. Each and every finished piece ended up looking so different and all so beautiful. Have a look at the finished works of art I captured on my camera. Each artist has provided a one sentence rationale that was used to inspire the art direction expressing what they learnt about each individual in their 20 minute meet and greet.


Enjoy some final edits and some behind the scenes snippets. 




Design, DiscoTess Guinery