DEAR AMANDA (The Honest Jones)


"I have been sitting on this for a week now and I feel I have come up with something that I believe will sit as nicely as a knife and fork sitting on either side of a decorative meal! Your work is the meal (yum), and this logo is your knife and fork. The focus will always be on the meal, yet the knife and fork helps one to engage with the meal without stealing it's thunder! lol - sorry.... hope this analogy helps!" - Tess




Creating for dear friend and creative muse The Honest Jones certainly had me excited yet terrified. Creating for friends is always a design challenge, I mean you think you know them right? You know what makes them tick, you know their work ethic, you know their daily responses to the mundane, you know how they like their tea and you know their creative work - Knowing them is one thing but helping a friend round up their creative asthetic is a real intimate honour. An honour that you hope you get right. 


Starting with a white blank page and scribbling for hours is a luxury that the design world rarely gives out. If you are in the design industry you will no that we are constantly hitting the ground running conceptualising in our heads with the "I need it NOW" clients. I was excited by being granted a fluid deadline by Jones allowing me the luxury of spending hours conceptualising in my head, then moving to a blank white page and filling with scribbles and then finally moving my tactile scribbles to the virtual world, my computer. 


One thing is for sure - Designing for a brand you truly and honestly believe in makes the flow - flow.

In all nervousness to get this logo right there was a surreal sense of ease upon the project and as I further delved into all it's goodness. After many scribbles I fell upon the finished project based on the following 2 rationals...



When I think of the word honest I imediately I think of the word "TRUTH" which then leads me to another word, a word that I love "WHOLESOME". Wholesome is whole, whole like a circle. Circles truly encaptulate visually a sense of truth, promise, authenticity. You can see through a circle, nothing is hidden, it's honest and open. I also see a circle as a shape without an opening on its edges, honesty is final, final with a full stop.... Honesty doesn't say I won't steal but it's ok if I lie. Honesty has no room for dis-honesty. 



WITTY, CREATIVE, VISIONARY, KOOKY - These words were written when brainstorming and interpretting the GOLD STAR brief that Amanda provided. Amanda, the brain woman behind The Honest Jones, is all these words and more... To sum it up I'd say she's "LEFT OF CENTRE". Her ideas are alway pure brilliance and then pulled to the left with a spice of difference. There is no "On Trend" for Amanda, she purley dances to the beat of her own drum... and that's why she is brilliant! 


Taking these 2 strong ideas and mixing them together to create something timeless made for the birth of a logo baby being born into the world!


Notice the use of the "O" being the centre point of he logo and how the words "THE" + "JONES" have been dragged "left of centre". A clean and timeless font  by the name of "ADAM CG PRO" was used  for the logo title and then partnered with a secondary classic font by the name of Baskerville to be further used for slogans and secondary elements. A watermark was also created for some fun extensions of the brand that you will see un-fold as the brand continues and evolves. 


Big things ahead for this little fire cracker. Go Girl! The Honest Jones is Honestly on it's way to something bigger then Britney Spears live in Vegas (In my eyes, that is blooming HUGE). Thank you for trusting me with your design baby.


Check out my process and some fun imagery below.



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