The desk that Pinterest has gone heart eyes for.

1 week into his apprenticeship enthusiastic wife be like " Can you build me this?". 

A silly sketch left on the kitchen bench was taken and brought to life, all behind my back - what a trickster!

So, it's 3 months into his apprenticeship (him being my husband Caleb) I've had a shocking and long day at work and I come home to Caleb standing at the end of the drive way looking all coy and cute  - "I have something to show you" he says. 


He leads me down the driveway and through the front door of our little 1 bedroom studio apartment, what I walk into literally has me lost for words - There she is in all her glory - that silly little sketch looking all perfect and real!


For weeks on end he'd been working back late creating this sketch and bringing it to life. It had everything I had so amateurly drawn - down lights and all! I was more taken back by the craftsman ship, leading me to learn something new about the man I had married 2 years earlier. Always wanted a man that could make stuff! 


Still to date, my favourite piece of furniture, I'm forever grateful for the space that has been a catylyst to many creative brain waves and has seen me through many late night design sessions. A blessed space indeed.


Ply wood + clear polyurethane

MDF + white polyurethane spray



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