53 coffees


49 days
12 locations
2 Airbnbs
4 bad excuses for coffee
237 nappy changes
4 sleep ins
45 early starts
1 incredible goodbye meal at Milk Haus, Milton
1 lost pair of sunglasses
10 op shops and 3 major bargains
96 plays of Biebs
18 late nights
4,200 photos
1 plate of best sushi I've eaten, ever
1 inspiring day in Surry Hills
14 design jobs
1 full moon
One 2nd birthday celebration
1 major public tantrum
Too many emails
Innumerable antipasto platters
1 Bondi beach swim
1 32nd birthday celebration
1 quaint night in Belligen
A few arguments
1 stunt burn injury
3 mornings of Pilgrims pancakes
2 weddings
4 Mollymook beach swims
30,000 laughs
Countless petrol pitt stops
2 nights of dancing
Too many banana smoothies to count
3 memorable girls nights
2 silent and solo road trips
A few days missing 'home'
200 hellos and over 200 goodbyes
14 FaceTime conversations
6 nights of pizza
A few fears conquered
50 plus plays of Ryan's Smiths new album "hiding place - 60 plays of track 6.
Countless late nights of wine and card games.
3 episodes of Parks and Recreation
Uncountable ocean swims
1 major bout of sunburn
Over 15 park stops
1 epic day of cafe hopping in Thiroul

1 life changing conversation
1 night of christmas carols
1 bucket of tears
A lot of rouge
1 sing a long session of Mary Poppins
A hand full of beers
1 meander through Glebe markets
1 tray of mangos

30 + great conversations
2 Christmas dinners
Lots of love making in secret places
A few almost awkward moments ^
Countless litres of Kombucha
A few hours of being "over it"
Many hours of "loving it"
2 new tyres

And a long 2 day drive 'home'


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