The Rae Rainbow (A1 Cotton Canvas)

The Rae Rainbow (A1 Cotton Canvas)


All cotton canvas versions of the custom art creation “THE RAE RAINBOW” are digitally printed on Premium cotton matte artist canvas, 390gsm pure cotton fabric with waterproof coating. Printed with exceptional quality UV inks by our friends at

The artwork is finished to size thus it should not be stretched. Please note that all finished art has a grain like finish embedded within the artwork to enhance that "otherworldly" aesthetic.

The cotton canvas prints are best displayed in a beautiful frame (fit to size) or hung beautifully with a poster hanger. We advise that you avoid thumbtacks or nails in direct contact with the art when displaying, this will ensure the art remains in it’s finest form.

Your purchase of the A1 Cotton Canvas Print is 1 of only 10 printed universally at this size. It is exclusive and will not be for sale again once the 10 A1 prints have sold out. All pieces are created with love and soul.

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Please allow 1 week for postage + handling within Australia and 2 weeks if you are ordering from outside of Australia. This is a maximum time frame and your orders will likely arrive earlier then the suggested time frame. 


She was one of the very first rays created in 2017 when the paints came out to play amidst my sabbatical. Her undertones of meaning come from the hebrew origin “Rae”, defined as—wisdom + protection, these sentiments have been colourfully and purposefully embedded into every ray of “The Rae Rainbow”—the “rainbow” being biblically symbolic to the promise of hope, a hope that remains even in the night of day. 

+ Don’t forget to take a photo and tag either @tessguinery or @theapricotmemoirs once your art is mounted! It’s such a delight seeing where these pieces land.